Friday, 25 January 2013

Damien Lewis is in today's Agatha Christie's Poirot. Looking very young. And someone who I believe is Colin Firth's younger brother. There are only 10 mins left of this case. I have absolutely no idea what is going on. But the murderer is just about to be unveiled. Bon.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Something about seeing a young George Clooney on ITV3 in Murder She Wrote has reminded me of the old blog. Blogger has changed so I'm not sure that this is even a post I'm composing. Reading my posts from 2 years ago is pretty interesting. I have just read one of my last posts mentioning a "friend" that I had kissed. I can't even remember who that was!

So ostensibly my blog was about the coincidence of actors turning up in UK and US crime dramas. I like a Murder She Wrote or a Midsomer Murder. Hercule over Jane Marple. Lewis, Morse maybe even Frost. I try to draw the line at a Rosemary & Thyme but sometimes I get desperate. My aim isn't to necessarily solve the crime before the titular characters but rather comment on and wonder at how the writer thinks of these situations. I must confess that I am drawn to the more gentle gentile crime dramas. You won't find a Wire in the Blood or a Prime Suspect included. Mostly because they generally aren't the usual ITV3 daytime material and partially because they are usually too depressing.

My blog so turned into a sort of diary about my life at that point being without employment and when I wasn't volunteering I would be watching a little bit of daytime TV. Never Jeremy Kyle I promise you. An extension of Twitter without the limit. But eventually I got distracted by other things in life and wasn't spending lots of time in front of the box. And then I got a job and that's another story. But it's a part time job so I do still have time on my hands certain days of the week.

But today is a snow day. The first significant snow in a couple of years in my home town. So instead of my plans for the day, I'm sitting here trying to keep warm. Thinking about brunch and going out to trapple around in the white and there is the television in the corner of the room.

Meanwhile Jessica Fletcher has gathered the suspects together. I'm hoping it's not Gorgeous George.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Nothing to see here

I don't really understand how another week has whizzed by and its been seven days since I last wrote here. This will be short as I'm recovering from the over indulgence of Friday night when my plans to leave to catch the last bus home turned into a vomiting swearing karaoke mess of an evening. Even kissed one of my friends which was sort of unexpected yet weird yet nice. So yesterday was a complete washout and today isn't much better although at least I've got some of my appetite back.

Have at least read some of my book. Some 150 pages in which is pleasing considering I thought I'd lost the ability to read anything more than 140 characters.

Monday, 14 February 2011

another monday morning

So nice to see the sun shinning brightly in the sky, shame it wasn't there yesterday on a Sunday. All those people trapped in offices. Pah, what am I saying. I have no plans today so nothing to stop me going out and enjoying the sunshine. I do have a dental check-up this afternoon. I must stop turning this into a dear diary process.

ITV3 are showing the last ever Morse which makes me very sad. They seem to have rushed through the series, I thought there were a lot more to go. It makes me very sad  because we know that Thaw died just over a year after it was aired.

After watching an interesting programme on Art Deco on BBC4 and seeing Adrian Tinniswood, who taught me a semester of creative non fiction a few years ago, I am going to visit the de la Warr pavilion. Need a bit of sunshine architecture to soar the soul. 

This weekend's ITV3 detective connection was a fun one. Oliver Ford Davies who regularly starred in Kavanagh QC was in Saturday's Midsomer Murders as a odious character who got his comeuppance in a spectacular fashion and then in yesterday's Poirot, he was the murderer. And he's been in Morse too.

PS the man jogging by with a red hoodie is definitely suspicious. Yup, there goes the murderer.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Castles in the Sand

I have a strange anxious feeling today. I'm not sure why that is (although I have a horrible sense of the truth) and consequently I feel low and grouchy. Had a disappointing night out on the town last night and it has dampened my mood. It was nice to meet new people but all resolutely coupled up and talking about planters, boilers, spending £2200 on a duck egg blue sofa from DFS (twenty two hundred pounds on a fucking DFS sofa!!! Didn't know it was possible), valentine plans, mortgages, ballroom dancing and cats. I realise that none of these are exclusively activities for those in relationships (except perhaps valentines) but along with the noisiest pizzeria stuffed full of rah students then moving to the ugliest pub in the world, uncomfortable seating arrangements, my energy was just depth charged.

Realised that going on first dates are like interviews where I have to give a presentation only this time its about myself. I get horribly nervous and never present myself well in either situations. Which partly explains whilst I am still unemployed. This is also why I think internet dating is such a bad idea for me. Particularly as I'm trying to get myself interviews too right now. I shall admit to my reader that I have an interview on Wednesday that I have no intention of going to. Its a five month contract so less than a standard minimum lease length so I'm not going to be moving away. Its so short that I'll have to start looking for a new job, within a month of starting.

Switching between BBC1 where Italy are being handed their arse on a plate and Five where James Stewart believes his neighbour has murdered his (the neighbour) wife. The neighbour is Raymond Burr who later starred as Perry Mason for years. Haven't watched any ITV3 police dramas recently so haven't been able to do any comparative studies. Perhaps I should sign up for a MA in comparative contemporary drama.

Didn't get to the cinema yesterday and now I'm not sure when I can find a spot to go again. Wanting to go to my brother's tomorrow to check on the house whilst he's away and maybe take a bath. I haven't had a bath for about 3 years and then I've had 3 in a month.

On that bombshell...

Friday, 11 February 2011

Sunken feeling

Today I worked on a sunken swimming pool. I'll try and post some of the photographs but it was a really lovely and unexpected spot.

Had planned my morning so that I could nip off and catch the opening showing of Never Let Me Go but it wasn't to be. I'm fascinated to find out how they translate the book which was one of the most sinister and unsettling books I have ever read. Wonder how they will do it. From the little I've heard, it may not be the same. Front Row on Radio 4 gave away the plot last week which utterly stunned me. I fear the film will not hold the same power. And the three main characters, the actors seem too well known. I hope to be surprised. After Black Swan I need something.

Now off to meet a friend so she can bring me along to a party and introduce me to "new" people. I am now unprepared and nervous. Need to reconsider my outfit. Yikes.

More tomorrow no doubt. What with this and my blipfoto account, I'm enjoying this daily bit of writing and seeing.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

one step forward...

A mixed day, yesterday, with application forms started but not finished, phone calls made but not connected. I did one application form and filed it a day early. However the two that were due yesterday, well, those were a none starter. A lesson learned is not to leave the application form until three hours before its due. Because when you realise that it's a PDF and there's no printer in the house there is not much you can do about it.

Rang the job centre then registered on line for job seeker's allowance. Ugh, had hoped not to have to but with no phone calls being received from the temping agency, things are starting to get a little tight. Did a couple of other important things on my list which I had been putting off so that's good.

Today it is lovely and sunny but I have a tummy like a basketball so might just hide at home and watch DVDs. After the washing up of course.

Today's ITV police detective drama link is Neil Dudgeon. I believe he is the murderer in today's Morse yet he has just been promoted to replace Barnaby in Midsomer. Will they never learn?